50 Places to Put Your Logo

50 Places to Put Your Logo

In the vast world of branding, finding the perfect spot to showcase your logo can make all the difference. From classic choices like business cards, websites, and billboards to more unconventional options such as coffee cups, elevator doors, and even tattoos—there are endless possibilities to leave your mark. In this blog, we'll explore 50 unique places where you can proudly display your logo, capturing attention and boosting brand recognition in unexpected ways. Get ready to explore the art of logo placement like never before!

Expanding Your Brand's Reach

As a business owner, you know that brand exposure is crucial for success. You want your logo to be recognized, associated with your products or services, and remembered by your target audience. That’s why it’s important to explore innovative places to showcase your logo beyond the obvious ones, such as your website, business cards, brochures, and signages. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 50 innovative places where you can display your brand’s logo and reach new audiences. We’ve grouped them into 10 categories, each featuring 5 unique ideas. Go ahead and challenge yourself to try at least one from each category. Let’s begin!


FI5EJ’s Food Truck, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

  1. Car wraps – turn your company car into a mobile billboard by wrapping it with your brand’s logo and message.
  2. Delivery trucks – if you operate a delivery or transportation business, make sure your trucks are branded and easily recognizable.
  3. Bicycles – promote your eco-friendliness and active lifestyle by branding your business’s bicycles, especially if you offer bike rentals or tours.
  4. Airplanes – if your company travels extensively by plane, consider branding the aircraft’s tail or interior.
  5. Boats – if your business involves water activities or tours, adding your logo and name to boats and yachts can create brand awareness and trust.

Clothing and Accessories

Warriors.Pizza Mobile Pizza Company Sweater with logo

  1. Uniforms – whether you have a retail store or a service-based company, customizing your employee uniforms with your logo can make them look more professional and trustworthy.
  2. Caps and hats – not only are they functional, but branded caps and hats can also be a fashion statement and a conversation starter.
  3. T-shirts – this classic promotional item can serve as a walking billboard for your brand if you design a catchy and memorable logo or message.
  4. Face masks – in the era of COVID-19, personalized face masks are a valuable marketing tool that shows your care for customers’ health and safety while advertising your logo.
  5. Sunglasses – they protect your eyes from UV rays and enhance your style, but they can also feature your logo on the frames or lenses.

Technology and gadgets

Warriors Brand phone case

  1. Phone cases – with millions of smartphone users worldwide, personalizing phone cases with your logo or image can create massive exposure for your brand.
  2. Laptop stickers – tech-savvy employees and customers often decorate their laptops with stickers, so make sure yours are among them.
  3. USB drives – portable and practical, branded USB drives can be given as a freebie or as part of your product or service package.
  4. Power banks – logo-printed power banks are not only useful for charging devices on the go but also serve as a promotional item that people will use and show off.
  5. Smartwatches – as wearable technology grows more popular, creating a branded watch face or strap can be a creative way to reach new audiences.

Food and beverages

Warriors.Pizza Water Bottles

  1. Water bottles – in the age of environmental awareness, customized water bottles not only promote your brand but also show your commitment to sustainability.
  2. Cocktail napkins – perfect for bars and nightclubs, cocktail napkins featuring your logo can capture the attention of patrons and encourage social media sharing.
  3. Packaging – whether you sell snacks, candy, or gourmet products, adding a logo sticker or tag to your packaging can make it stand out on the shelves.
  4. Aprons – if you run a restaurant, bakery, or catering service, don’t forget to add your logo to the aprons worn by your staff, who are often seen by customers and passers-by.
  5. Coffee cups – if you serve or sell coffee, tea, or any hot beverage, branded cups can make a lasting impression on customers who carry them around.

Printed materials

Shawnee Riverfest Concert Billboard

  1. Posters and billboards – while they may be costly, large-scale advertisements in high-traffic areas can create massive exposure for your brand.
  2. Stickers and decals – versatile and affordable, custom stickers and decals can be placed on almost anything, from vehicle windows to laptop covers.
  3. Flyers and brochures – if you attend fairs, exhibitions, or conferences, having branded promotional materials can help you stand out among competitors and attract potential clients.
  4. Door hangers – perfect for hotels and B&Bs, branded door hangers can add a personal touch to guests’ experience and promote future bookings.
  5. Newspaper inserts – if you’re targeting a local or regional market, consider advertising your brand in newspapers or magazines and inserting flyers or coupons.

Events and Experiences

Xen Pillow Tote Bag

  1. Merchandise – if you organize a concert, festival, or convention, selling branded merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags can be a profitable way to expand your reach.
  2. Sponsorships – associating your brand with a charity, sports team, or cultural event can create positive brand image and exposure, especially if your logo is displayed prominently.
  3. Banners and flags – at outdoor events, flags and banners bearing your logo can be seen from afar and create a sense of celebration and recognition.
  4. Photo booths – setting up a branded photo booth at an event can provide fun and memorable moments for attendees while creating social media buzz.
  5. Interactive installations – in today’s experiential marketing trend, creating interactive installations that showcase your brand’s values, mission, or product can generate buzz and media coverage.

Digital and Online

Warriors Brand Instagram Profile

  1. Social media profiles – while it may seem obvious, many businesses fail to optimize their social media profiles with a high-quality logo, cover image, and bio that reflects their brand’s personality and mission.
  2. Email signature – make sure your email signature includes your logo, contact information, and a call-to-action that directs readers to your website or social media.
  3. Website favicon – a small but powerful branding element, a favicon (short for favorite icon) is the little logo that appears in the browser’s tab and bookmarks.
  4. Video intros and outros – if you produce video content for your brand, adding a branded intro and outro can make it look more professional and consistent.
  5. Virtual backgrounds – whether you’re attending a video conference or producing a webinar, creating a branded virtual background can unify your team and make your brand visible to viewers.

Office and Workspace

Warriors Brand Window Signage

  1. Lobby signage – make your logo one of the first things visitors see when they step into your office by displaying it on the wall or door of your lobby.
  2. Desk accessories – branded mousepads, pens, notebooks, and coffee mugs are subtle but effective ways to remind employees and visitors of your brand’s presence.
  3. Wall art – if you want to add some personality and style to your office, consider commissioning or printing a piece of wall art that incorporates your logo or brand elements.
  4. Carpets and tiles – if you have a large office or showroom, customizing the carpets or tiles with your logo can create a cohesive and recognizable environment.
  5. Restroom accessories – yes, even restroom signs, dispensers, and towels can feature your logo and create a consistent brand experience throughout your office.

Outdoor and Nature

Warriors.Pizza Chalk Board 

  1. Sidewalk chalk – a low-cost and creative way to promote your brand on sidewalks and public spaces, chalk art can draw attention and engage passers-by.
  2. Park benches – adding your logo to park benches can show your support for the community and create a peaceful, branded oasis for people to rest and enjoy.
  3. Planters and garden beds – if your business has a green thumb, adding your logo to planters and garden beds can create a natural and organic connection with your customers.
  4. Golf balls – if your target audience includes golf enthusiasts, branding golf balls with your logo can make them stand out on the course and create a lasting impression.
  5. Beach umbrellas – if you cater to beachgoers or travelers, customizing beach umbrellas with your logo can create a fun and functional way to promote your brand.

Unexpected Places

Warriors Brand Street Art

  1. Graffiti and street art – while it may be controversial, commissioning or allowing street artists to incorporate your logo into their masterpieces can create street cred and a buzz that money can’t buy.
  2. Pet accessories – if you’re targeting pet owners, adding your logo to pet collars, leashes, and toys can create a strong emotional tie to your brand and show your love for furry friends.
  3. Tattoos – if you have loyal customers or employees who are passionate about your brand, offering free or discounted tattoos featuring your logo can create a cult-like following and a strong sense of identity.
  4. Library books – if your business involves education, literature, or research, donating branded bookplates or bookmarks to libraries can show your support for literacy and create brand visibility in unexpected places.
  5. Public restrooms – while it may sound weird, adding your logo to restroom stalls, mirrors, and dispensers can create a captive audience and create a memorable bathroom experience that people will talk about.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities for expanding your brand’s reach and showcasing your logo in innovative places. By thinking outside the box and experimenting with different ideas from our list, you can create a unique and memorable brand image that sticks in people’s minds. However, keep in mind that branding is not just about putting logos everywhere; it’s about creating a consistent and authentic brand identity that reflects your values, mission, and personality. So, before you plaster your logo on everything, take the time to develop a strong brand strategy that guides your decisions and resonates with your target audience.

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