Look good online with Designs by Warriors Brand

Design is essential to establish the powerful professional image your guests will remember. We'll take you on a journey of creating an authentic brand that's unique and truly reflects all that you've accomplished - from advertising, social media pages and website visuals!

Quality Designs for Professional Image

At Designs by Warriors Brand, we know that design is essential to establish a powerful professional image that your guests will always remember. We’ll take you on a journey of creating an authentic brand that’s unique and truly reflects all that you’ve accomplished - from advertising, social media pages, and website visuals! Our designs will make sure that your brand stands out and is always remembered.

Bring Menu to Life

Your menu is about more than just the food: we’ll curate a display of enticing photos, fonts and colors that make it truly mouth-watering.

Sleek, Modern Logo Design

Unlock the power of your brand with our design team at the helm! Our logo-making tools mean no identity is left on ice - create a lasting impression in just one look.

Powerful Print Campaigns

Create powerful print campaigns that drive conversions! Get ready to take your marketing efforts on paper and turn them into tangible results.

Stylish Business Cards

Get your brand out there in style - create a lasting impression with polished business cards.

Impactful Infographics

Infographics that make an impact - visually captivating, packed with info, and guaranteed to draw attention!

Effective Marketing Message

Promote your brand with stylish marketing materials that fit the vibe of your business!

The Focus is on You!

At Designs by Warriors Brand, our focus is always on you! We believe that having a unique visual identity is the key to success for any brand, and we’ll help you create the perfect identity that reflects who you are and what you’re all about. With our designs, you can be sure that your brand will stand out and make an impression that lasts.

Hundreds of menus

Our experienced in-house designer (Emily) can make simple updates or provide a complete redesign.

Print to digital

Translate your print menu into an interactive digital piece with enhanced functionality.

Brand cohesion

Each visual piece we create caters to your visual style, brand voice and business goals.

Custom design

Want fun facts in your menu? An email with gifs? We will make it unique.


We understand how clear messaging and a clean layout impact your guests.

Design for every event

Modern? Whimsical? Bold? We work with you to capture your brand’s special vibe.


Our team starts off by gaining intimate knowledge of your brand, understanding what you stand for and how to make guests’ experiences unforgettable. Then we bring your vision to life with a flawless design that cultivates engagement & success!

2 Design

Design isn't just about making something look good; it's all about creating the feeling that you'd like to convey. We take your feedback seriously and collaborate with you to ensure each piece effectively captures the emotion behind it - so nothing is lost in translation!

3 Lock In

Introducing an innovative way to keep your brand locked in our memory! Our exclusive visual trails make it a snap for us to design any new pieces or applications that come up - always keeping you on top of trends.

Real design examples

What clients say about our design services

“I was impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism the Warriors Brand team displayed throughout the entire process. They took the time to understand my business needs and goals, and developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that was tailored to my specific needs..”
Marlon Holder CEO, Xen Pillow


Can I buy just one design?

Love your brand but need a design refresh? Look no further! We accept the challenge of creating custom designs that are tailored to your brand! Tap us for all of the latest trends so your content is always on point!

How much will my design cost?

When it comes to design costs, size matters! The larger the project is, more time will be needed. But complexity can also increase prices as an intricate design with deeper symbolism takes longer than just a text-only one. And don't forget about revisions; every additional round requires adding up some extra minutes in your timeline clock!

Design costs can range from $60 for smaller more simple designs to $300 for more complex designs.

What if I want something else designed?

Ready to try something innovative? We don't shy away from a challenge - no matter the medium. Our team loves learning and exploring new ways of doing digital marketing, so let's work together on your next big idea!