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Our team focuses primarily on the strategy, creation, and promotion of Owned Media. It is the
core of all content marketing and fills your inbound marketing machine. However, we do work
with an outside partner to facilitate Paid Media placements, and we can do research for you on
which Earned Media outlets might be best to pitch for promotion of your content.

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Earned, Owned & Paid Media:

1. Earned Media:

Outside publications or influencers choose to share your original content or endorse you online. You have ‘earned’ their mentions voluntarily. Examples include mentions on social media, reposts, recommendations, and endorsements. Benefits include street cred from having others endorse your content and exposure to a wider audience.

2. Owned Media:

Your marketing team promotes your original content that you own. Examples include your blog, your website, social media, downloadable content, and videos. Benefits include having total control over the content, educating your audience, driving traffic to your website and social media channels as well as positioning your team as thought leaders.

3. Paid Media:

You purchase sponsored content or advertisements on third-party sites or platforms. This is ‘pay to play’ media. Examples include PPC Ads, display ads, and influencer marketing. Benefits include creating awareness of your company to a new audience and driving traffic to your website.

We recommend some combination of all three media types. Your choices of how much of each type should match your business goals and the behavior of your audience.

Content Creation

Why you need content: To drive traffic, convert leads, and position your company as a thought leader in your industry. We believe your content should align to the buyer’s journey, and answer their most pressing pain points and questions.

Our Process

Strategy and Technical Research: We analyze business needs to develop the overarching strategic direction for the content and conduct technical research to inform our planned execution.


Interviews and Topic Research: We interview your subject matter experts, clients and industry influencers and conduct additional topic research to develop content for you.


Optimize, Publish and Promote: We optimize for SEO, publish the content and promote it on your core channels to increase reach and engagement.

Email Marketing

Why you need email marketing: It’s the most proven, cost-effective way to get relevant, targeted information in front of your customers. We believe that email marketing should focus on your entire customer journey and provide your contacts with a highly-personalized experience.

Our Process

Strategy and Platform: Using the best email marketing platform and templates based on your goals, we develop a custom strategy of email communication including type, quantity, and list segmentation.


Create, Target, and Publish: We create email copy, design and send everything from one-off emails, to newsletters and automated drip campaigns nurturing emails.


Analysis and Recommendations: We review the performance of emails from deliverability, opens, and clicks to provide suggestions to improve email templates, copy, subject lines and send times.

Social Media

Why you need social media: To build relationships and trust with your ideal customers and your ideal employee candidates. We believe in having a consistent presence on relevant channels where your audience spends time.

Our Process

Strategy and Planning: We analyze your audience and competitors to determine the best channels, content, posting times, and frequency.


Curate, Design, and Schedule: We curate timely industry content as well as design and develop original social content to be shared on a schedule by channel and time using tools like HubSpot, Hootsuite, and Buffer. We work with you to showcase your company culture and expertise, promoting your people as industry thought leaders.


Listen, Monitor, and Engage: We monitor competitors, industry influencers and key audience members to better understand how to position you and get your target personas engaged with your content.


Analysis and Recommendations: We review the performance of social content to determine effectiveness based on business goals of engagement, leads and awareness.

Lead Generation

Why you need Lead Generation: To quickly convert your online visitors into leads for your sales team. We believe that a beautiful website or landing page without any lead gen tactics is just a glorified brochure.


Our Process

Strategy and Planning: We analyze your website for opportunities to capture more leads and recommend a list of tactics and locations for lead gen including forms that make sense for your audience. We’ll consider how much information to capture and match it to your offers.


Create, Target, and Publish: We develop smart forms and CTAs to promote your online content to your ideal customers. We publish them in places most likely to get the best results and select appropriate triggers (such as exit intent, scrolling, time on page, etc.) for pop-up forms.


Analysis and Recommendations: We review the performance of your lead gen tactics to make calibrations to the content, design, or trigger to improve performance over time.


Sales Enablement

Why you need Sales Enablement: Sales teams are spread thin and are wasting too much time on researching, sourcing leads, and doing administrative tasks. We believe that marketing automation and sales enablement tools will streamline your sales efforts and help bridge the divide between marketing and sales.


Our Process

Strategy and Workflow Analysis: We analyze your current sales workflow and identify opportunities to simplify the workflow with technology, provide better content and resources to prospects and streamline tracking and reporting metrics.


Create, Target, and Train: We create content via email templates, curate content for sales reps to use to engage target prospects, and train staff on how to leverage technology to improve their results.


Analysis and Recommendations: We review the performance of email templates, content, and sales activities to identify new opportunities and improvements in the sales workflow.

Visual Design

Why you need great design: To convey a strong brand and evoke the right emotion from your audience. The right images, photography, graphics, typography and color palette can impress and attract your buyers and keep them engaged with your brand. Great design is key to helping you stand out from your competition.


Our Process

Understanding and Discovery: We design with purpose and intention. That means taking the time to understand your business, your buyers, and what makes you unique.


Position and Visioning: We review your markets, competition and industry and use an array of tools such as archetypes, interviews, and storytelling to select the right look and feel.


Creation and Execution: From color treatment to imagery, we create designs that are visually engaging and on-brand.

Website Development

Why you need a solid infrastructure: To build a robust, secure and efficient website to deliver the content without interruption or delay. A sound website infrastructure includes the building blocks to allow for a highly-customize and efficient delivery conduits for your message. The website framework needs to follow best practices for content delivery, security, markup, and structured data formats.

Our Process

Needs Analysis: We develop websites with purpose and intention for who will be maintaining them. That means taking the time to understand how often you update content, who will be updating content, their technical skill level, who updates the software, and who manages the web hosting platform.


Build for responsive, build for mobile: We review the website build at 5 different viewports to ensure the flow of data is smooth and text is easily readable. We optimize images for speed and delivery of your message.


Post website launch: Once the website is launched, we continue to maintain the website on our hosting partner, Kinsta, and provide routine updates to all software. We monitor for 404 errors or broken links.