A warriors brand

Music for a Cause – Branding Story

A remarkable journey of caring, compassion, and community spirit!

The Branding Story

The unwavering mission of Shawnee Riverfest Concert has forever been to unleash an unforgettable, family-centric community extravaganza. A mesmerizing event where individuals unite, reveling in a day of unparalleled community spirit, entertainment, delectable cuisine, and so much more. And to top it all, this incredible celebration supports the community by providing invaluable resources through the mighty Pocono Mountains United Way. When Gil Coronado, the visionary behind it all, yearned to ensure the absolute pinnacle of this joy-filled day, where the Pocono Mountains United Way could maximize their donations to uplift the underprivileged, he fearlessly sought the aid of Warriors Brand. From that moment on, history was rewritten, and the impact continues reverberating!

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